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Review 5 sao:
1. One of my friends introduced to me this book. I have bought it. I read it in just under a week. It opens my eyes to my own relationship with food. The book has a lot of information about nutrition and how to introduce healthy habits into your life. I love every recipes in this book. Especially, some recipes for weight loss:

- Spinach Curry with Rice

- Minced Beef Kebab sandwich

- Sesame Chicken with Salad ( I really like it)

- Chili vegetable


I've been telling with my friends about this book.

2. I am a sugar addict. I believe that i can stop dieting and get healthy. But when I read this ebook, I have found the path of my life. I've applied the advices of author and followed recipes in the book. And now, I feel better. I lost 3 kg after one month. Thanks you John. Thanks you this book. I love it.

3. I was looking for some recipes on Google. I has found this book and I has chosen it because the title of it attractive. This book has many good ideas about eating healthy food. All tips in this book were very clearly explained and I understood everything well. It’s a perfect book to try.

4. I bought this as a gift for my wife. My wife does follow this lifestyle, mainly since she has gluten problems - so she was thrilled to take it from me. This book's given her many new ideas for creative ways to cook the ingredients she is able to eat and she says she loves this book! If Gentleman wants to give gifts to his wife in 8.3 days, let's buy this book. I guarantee that she will love.

5. I don't think I could have done weight loss without this book. I've been trying to lose some weight, but it hasn't been going so well so I decided to purchase a copy for myself. I've tried almost a dozen recipes so far and they are easy to prepare, taste amazing and are somehow still low in sugar, calories and fat. Besides, I also found more tips in this book about healthy eating, look younger, glowing skin.... I will give it for my wife. Thanks.

6. The book was just what I was looking for. Easy and normal recipes.

7. I rarely ever comment on anything I've bought through Amazon. But this book was just what I needed at a time when I decided to make a major lifestyle change when it came to the way I view food. This is not just a book full of recipes. It has a lot of information about nutrition and explains how to get strong health. But if you were trying to lose weight or just eat healthy and more, this ebook will help you. I would recommend this cookbook to anyone to likes to cook and wants to learn how to use healthier ingredients.

8. I've made some of the recipes in this cookbook for my boyfriend, friends, and parents. They are really like. Thank you, Author.

9. I love the tips Author gives for making an easy transition from a diet filled with junk food to a healthy, plant based lifestyle

10. I bought this book because the recipes seemed easy enough to make, had all the nutritional info listed. The recipes are easy to make and the book offers good information. Love this cookbook! Simple and healthy recipes.

11. One like for this book.

12. Many cookbook have a lot of ingredients that are hard to find and require more shopping than cooking.This book is nothing like that. It's simple, easy to follow. Many recipes in ebook are incredible and delicious. All of the ingredients used are simple and easy to find and most are not too expensive. If you're looking for a book to improve your health and not spend hours in the kitchen or hundreds in the grocery store. Let’s get this book.

13. ( Cái này tên con gái nhé! )

I buy this book. And i hope to get a better variety of healthy and low calorie recipes for my family. When I told to my husband about this book, he smiled and said:" If you can cook a dinner that all the members of our family really like. we will be traveling in Arizona on this summer vacation". I have made a lot of recipes under the guidance of this book. And now, we are in Grand Canyon in Arizona. Thanks you John. I will tell everyone I know about this book!

14. Got it....thank you!!

15. The book is nicely arranged into various food type categories, with beautiful pictures and just enough details on the nutrition of the food in question. I found a lot of recipes. I found this one really helpful and useful for me and my family
Review 4 sao:
1. I was looking for some recipes that can help me weight loss. I bought this book and followed the advice of the author. I've already tried a few recipes. But some recipes have not easy to do. Anyway, now I lost 2 kg. I want to say " Thanks". Love this book, learning a lot! Fun

Mr Long

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