Cần mua tài khoản affiliate A2 Hosting


Bọn này khi mình đăng ký nếu site hay blog có dính đến coupon là nó ko duyệt mặc dù có nhiều traffic và mình bảo mình chỉ viết bài review các kiểu. Má tụi nó :))

Thank you for your email. I’m afraid we do not allow discount/coupon based sites into our affiliate program. I would recommend finding another affiliate program that fits your needs better. Thank you for understanding and best of luck with your website!

Thank you for your update. I'm afraid the issue is more to do with the type of website you have. Even if you don't list our coupons being a website focused on deals and discounts it is not something we can allow into the affiliate program.

Thank you for understanding.